Every workplace needs to be properly introduced to the new employees. Every new job needs a proper orientation. Even the most experienced workers need training. ME Education makes sure that all new employees are clear what their duties are and are prepared to start a new job. We put much effort into ensuring that our recruits know how to professionally deal with all kinds of situations.


We organize training sessions for new employees based on individual needs. We follow general guidelines of a curriculum that includes as follows:

Num Fields Contents
1 Foreign Experts in China Dos and don'ts for foreigners in China, general and school-specific professional requirements, Chinese work ethics, etc.
2 Family in China Chinese parents, kids and how they think, Chinese approach to developmental psychology, etc.
3 Teaching methodologies Student-focused lesson, Total Physical Response, materials design, etc.
4 Lesson planning Chinese standard of lesson planning, staging, designing procedure, etc.
5 Class management Class management, activity design, etc.
6 Teaching in a language training school LTS work mode, etc.
7 Teaching in a kindergarten Extracurricular involvement in child's development. Etc.
8 Reflective practice How to evaluate your progress, etc.


We also organize regular sessions for teachers interested in further developing their professional skills as well as sharing their experiences and knowledge. Professional development workshops are less rigid and usually take form of free discussion and impro sessions. They also involve some R&R at the end.


Monthly seminars are organized thematically. Each month a new aspect of teaching is lectured on and discussed. We invite experts for all around China and even the world to visit us as well as give our own team members a chance to share.