ME Education

With the ability to look forward, professionalism, pragmatism and honesty,
ME Education has won support and recognition at all levels of business, among organizations and customers both domestic and international.

ME Education was founded in 2009 as one of the first agencies in Dalian providing local educational institutions with a comprehensive package of recruiting services. In partnership with Shahekou Educational Bureau, ME Education was a part of “The 12th Five-Year-Plan” and established co-operation with 19 public schools, providing employment for over 500 foreign teachers.

We have a solid recruitment base oversees and enjoy good reputation in the local market. In recent years we have successfully extended our offer by comprehensive HR and educational services. Currently, we are involved in a number of projects such as creating a Unified Teacher Training Program, curriculum design in cooperation with English Picture Book Reading and Creative Course in English and Chinese.

ME Education strives to implement an altruistic vision of the company based on the principles of social sustainability. We value professionalism, honesty and transparency. We envision building a unified foreign community in Dalian that can best contribute to education in China.


Introduction of Handan

Handan is a prefecture-level city located in the southwestern part of Hebei province. At the 2010 census, its population was 9,174,683 inhabitants. It borders Xingtai on the north, and the provinces of Shanxi on the west, Henan on the south and Shandong on the east. It is one the most ancient cities in China, which is the cultural center with more than 8000 years history. It is a home to two grade 5A tourist attractions: Guangfu Ancient City and Nüwa Imperial Palace.

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ME Team

  • Leo ZhangCFO

    Hi, I'mLeo Zhang

    · CFO
    · Graduated from Dalian University of Technology
    · Over 3 years of experience in recruiting and management of foreign teachers
    · Experienced in visa processing assistance

  • Jaden YuCIO

    Hi, I'mJaden Yu

    · CIO, Data Analyst
    · Graduated Interior Design at Hebei University of Technology
    · Awarded in 3D Design Competition
    · Attended courses in leadership, ICF, and CP
    Second class international psychologist

  • Mark Kasprzyk

    Hi, I'mMark Kasprzyk

    · Overseas Recruiting Director
    · Graduated Media and Social Communication as well as East Asian Studies at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland
    · Writer and editor for a number of student publications including Student Journal of Jewish Studies
    · 15 years of experience in teaching and education

  • Miranda YuFounder and CEO

    Hi, I'mMiranda Yu

    · Founder and CEO
    · Graduated English Studies at Dalian University of Foreign Languages
    · Over 10 years of experience in recruiting and management of foreign teachers
    · Ran ‘Government Project for Foreign Teachers’ under the auspices of Shahekou Education Bureau in Dalian
    · Decades of experience in Human Resources and Management

  • Lorin FuCOO

    Hi, I'mLorin Fu

    · COO
    · Over 5 years of experience in recruiting, training and management of foreign teachers
    · Expert knowledge of visa affairs
    · Ran a government-supported project called ‘Sea Dragon Project for Improvement of Public Schools Employing Foreign Teachers’
    · Previous positions include Director of Foreign Affairs Department at Hailong Jiaoyu Jihua, a well-known educational company in China

  • Sara HuangMD

    Hi, I'mSara Huang

    Graduated form Dalian Neusoft University of Information
    Over 10 years of experience in education industry
    Ran the‘Government Project of Smart Campus Construction’