Besides providing you with employment opportunities in one of the cities with the best balance between quality of life, cost of living and salary, we offer many benefits to all our candidates. You are not just getting a job. You receive a full package of insurance, training, visa processing assistance, life assistance services, travel guidance, translation and mediation services – and anything else you need to make your stay in China as comfortable and stress-free as possible. What's more, you don't pay for any of this. We operate in a new business mode where HR service packages is offered to our schools separately from employment contracts, and your salary stays intact regardless of how much help you might require.


We offer one-year contracts for the position of English Teacher at one of the many schools in Dalian and other cities in Northeast China. We take time to listen to both parties and individually negotiate every detail to provide the best deal possible.

For more information regarding the specific schools we represent and job offer details please write to info@me-esl.com.